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When we studied at school we all kept diaries, posted all those "philosophical" topics, discussed them. We called that "blogs", or at least I did. That was small community of youths trying to find their way to live, our journals provided us with dial-up painkillers making it easier to face up the real grown-up world, which was separated from us, but invaded our realities from time to time. When I pass by my school I think that it was a huge world in there, although the building is relatively small. University was even more huge, and then mature life began with small firms and freelancing, and then with a multinational corporation which ~don't cares~.
Diaries were long forgotten, and people around were divided into two large and one small group. If I imagine the river, then there would be me drifting somewhere not in the middle; there would be left bank where all interesting people are doing all their interesting stuff: writing good poems, painting masterpieces, designing new jets for aircrafts or whatever else they can do; there would be right bank where all those ignorant dudes and chicks crowd making babies in their early 20's, living active social lives, visiting clubs, etc. Thus, on the bank there's creative community I try to swim to, but the water is swift, one the other bank there's wacky hijinks I don't nearly care about, and in water there are guys who are unnoticeable and bothered about living their own lives.
Bronchitis gave me a break: lying in bed, eating pills and hallucinating because of temperature I remembered a "blog", nice thing to do if you have nothing else to do. Brief search in google showed that blogs are kinda different, not the thing that I expected, people monetize them, or share their hobbies, there are rules. They write "do this", "don't do that", "I will tell you how to get followers, I have one bajillion and two readers myself".
I got it, and decided I need something cozy, more diarish. After all, that's just because a fox is itchy.


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